Processing of personal data

Processing of personal data

The data controller for (the Controller) respects your privacy. This Privacy Statement describes your privacy rights and PKF Slovensko’s privacy obligations in regard to the protection of your personal data. The Controller is established in the Slovak Republic and subject to European law governing personal data protection including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is important for us at PKF Slovensko that everyone understands the personal data it process for you, why it is done and what your rights are. Therefore, we encourage you to read this Privacy Policy to learn more about the processing of your personal data.

Scope and acceptance

This Privacy Statement provides information about data processed by the Controller, where the Controller, acting as the data administrator, determines the purposes for which and the means by which personal data is processed. It also provides information about data processing that it performs on behalf of users based on the instructions they provide (where the user controls the data and the Controller processes it).

Personal data is information that identifies you as a person, such as an email address, address, or phone number. The processing of your personal data is essential for PKF Slovensko to provide services to its users. Please do not use the website or our services if you do not agree with how your personal data is processed under this Privacy Statement.

Personal data PKF Slovensko processes

PKF Slovensko only processes personal data in order to provide you with professional services. When you agree to the processing of your personal data by PKF Slovensko, a list of the data and the scope will be specified directly in the consent, to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the personal data are processed. PKF Slovensko particularly processes the following personal data: full name, e-mail address, address (street, postcode, city, country) and telephone number.

Personal data you provide yourself to PKF Slovensko:

Personal data you provide yourself to PKF Slovensko:

You provide PKF Slovensko with personal data if you opt to complete any of the any of the contact or direct marketing forms (such as to subscribe for the newsletter).

You also provide PKF Slovensko with personal data when you fill in your data in the registration form/e-mail to create a user account and you send PKF Slovensko this data.

You provide personal information anytime you decide to contact PKF Slovensko through email.

Any personal data you give PKF Slovensko is provided voluntarily and you are obliged to consider to what extent you are providing it with personal data. Unless you provide some personal data, however, PKF Slovensko cannot respond to your initiative or request, nor can it enter into the contract with you that will be created when you register a user account.

You are responsible for the accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of the Personal Data you provide and the Controller will rely on the accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of this personal data. The Controller is not liable for any damage you or any third party could incur in connection with the submission of incorrect, incomplete or false personal data.

Personal data PKF Slovensko collects when you use the portal

The Controller can also receive data that enables you to be identified indirectly, in particular the following:

  • Information and data from the devices you use to access the portal, which may include general information about your device
  • Log data, which is the data and information PKF Slovensko’s servers automatically store whenever you access the portal (particularly your IP address, access time, hardware and software data you use, the number of clicks, pages you see and the order you have seen them, the time spent on pages and other data)
  • Data about your use of the portal
  • Information collected from cookies and other user monitoring programs, including those of our partners and social network operators.
  • Information collected from monitoring user activity after clicking on an advertising banner or link, as well as information about activity on third-party sites (such as from searches or social networks).
  • Information PKF Slovensko receives from third party social plugins, such as the Facebook “Like” button.

These data do not in themselves identify a particular living individual. It becomes personal data when PKF Slovensko associates it with a specific identified or identifiable living individual, e.g. when using a website with a signed-in user account.

Personal data Slovensko obtains from third parties

The Controller may also receive personal data from third parties and combine this personal data with personal data the Controller obtained itself. This particularly concerns the following personal data:

  •  Data from social network operators (Google, Facebook) if you opted to set up a user account through these third party services, where the social network operator (Google, Facebook) will ask you to give your consent to the provision of personal data. Through this consent, the  social network operator (Google, Facebook) will then provide PKF Slovensko with the personal data.

 How PKF Slovensko collects your personal data?

The Controller collects personal data directly from users, which it subsequently processes. The minimum personal data PKF Slovensko collects is the user’s e-mail address. The user may also provide other data that is not mandatory for registration at the site (full name, sex, date of birth, street, postcode, city, country, telephone number).

PKF Slovensko collects and processes the data you share when you contact it and the data generated when you use its services.

When you use the website and e-mail PKF Slovensko, cookies and other tracking technologies are used to optimize your user experience at our website. For more information on how these technologies work and what your rights are in this context, please read about cookies and other tracking technologies.

In some cases, PKF Slovensko may collect information about you from other sources. These sources can be third-party data aggregators, PKF Slovensko’s marketing partners, public sources, or third-party social networks.

How PKF shares your personal data?

Public authorities

The police and other authorities may request your personal data from the Controller. PKF Slovensko only shares this data in cases that are required by law and mandatory for the Controller.

Partners, subcontractors and related companies

The Controller cooperates with subcontractors in processing personal data and, in this respect, can export your personal data. When the Controller engages the services of subcontractors, a data processing agreement (DPA) is concluded with them in order to protect your privacy rights and fulfill its obligations towards users. In the case of non-EU contractors, the Controller provides legal documentation for international transfers on your behalf and on the behalf of its customers based on the US Shield and the use of EU Model Clauses.

PKF Slovensko takes appropriate measures to ensure the processing of your personal data in accordance with applicable security and privacy laws and applies the same requirements to its subcontractors.

How your personal data is secured?

The Controller uses modern IT security systems to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of users' personal data, taking appropriate technical and organizational security measures against unlawful and unauthorized processing of personal data and against accidental loss or damage to personal data. Access to users’ personal data is granted only to persons who need them in order to perform their professional duties and are bound by a legal or contractual obligation of confidentiality.

How long your personal data is retained?

The Controller retains the personal data of visitors and users only for as long as it is needed for the purpose for the purpose for which they were collected.

How long the personal data of webside visitors is processed?

The Controller processes your personal data from visiting the website for a period of three years from the visit.

How long the personal data of users of the Controllers portal services and functions?

The Controller processes your personal data from voluntary registration at the portal for the period while you are registered to use the portal’s services and for three years thereafter in the Controller’s internal processes.

Consent granted by users of the Controller’s portal services and functions

When the Controller processes your personal data with your consent, they will be processed while you are registered to use the portal’s services and for three years thereafter in the Controller’s internal processes or until consent is withdrawn prior to the expiry of this period.

What are your rights regarding the processing of personal data?

Laws governing personal data protection, and in particular the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), provide data subjects especially with the following rights:

  • To clear, transparent and intelligible information about how their personal data are used and what their rights are
  • To withdraw consent to the processing of personal data anytime and free of charge by post, e-mail or personally at PKF Slovensko’s address below
  • To access personal data and be provided further information related to the processing of them by the Controller and data processors
  • To rectify incorrect or incomplete personal data
  • To erasure of personal data, in particular if (i) they are no longer needed for further processing; (ii) consent to the processing of them has been withdrawn; (iii) the data subject justifiably objects to the processing of them; (iv) they have been processed unlawfully; or (v) they have to be erased to comply with the law
  • To restrict the processing of personal data, if (i) the data subject contests their accuracy, until the Controller verifies the accuracy of them; (ii) the processing is unlawful; (iii) if the Controller no longer needs them, but they are required by the data subject to exercise legal claims; or (iv) the data subject objects to the processing of them until the Controller verifies whether its legitimate grounds override those of the data subject
  • To object to the processing of personal data when they are processed for the purposes of the Controller’s legitimate interests
  • To receive their personal data and transmit them to another controller if statutory conditions are satisfied
  • To lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection at Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava 27,, if the data subject believes that the Controller is infringing its obligations arising from personal data protection legislation

Questions and contacts

If you wish to receive detailed information about your privacy rights or if you have any other question or complaint about the processing of your personal data, please contact us either by sending a letter to PKF Slovensko / Nábrežie Sv. Cyrila 47, 971 01 Prievidza or e-mailing

Modification of the Privat Statement

If this Privacy Statement is modified, PKF Slovensko will post a revised statement here along with when it was updated. It is recommended that you review the Privacy Statement regularly. PKF Slovensko may also communicate to you significant changes in the Privacy Statement that may significantly change its procedures for protecting personal data through other means, such as sending an e-mail or posting a notice on its corporate website or social media pages prior to the changes entering into force.

This section on the processing of personal data was most recently updated on May 22, 2018.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form to address them.