PKF Slovensko generally provides the following accounting services:

1. Monthly or quarterly accrual (double-entry) accounting including:

  • Monthly or quarterly accrual (double-entry) accounting including
  • Review of vouchers and other accounting documents
  • Journal and daybook postings
  • Monthly or quarterly journal printouts tailored to your requirements
  • Supporting documents for corporate income tax and for monthly or quarterly VAT returns
  • VAT audit reports and recapitulative statements.

2. Preparing annual reports:

  • Book inventories
  • Journal closings and openings
  • Annual, interim and extraordinary financial statements
  • Corporate and personal income tax returns
  • Statistical, INTRASTAT and any other reports you require
  • Motor vehicle tax returns and any other reporting required by the tax authorities
  • Property tax returns
  • Routine accounting consultancy services
  • Consolidated financial statements

3. One-time annual account entries

PKF Slovensko uses accounting software that meets client size and needs, where you have the option to work on a database and either browse your company’s data online or even to actively make changes in certain parts, such as how invoices are managed or payment orders handled. The system allows you to issue invoices and orders, monitor your payables and receivables and see your company’s results 24/7, all provided in a server solution and secure access to PKF Slovensko’s server.

The price for accounting services is always dealt individually with the client and depends mainly on the expected amount of accounting entries and the complexity of accounting operations.