PKF Slovensko provides the following business consulting services:

  • Accounting, finance and tax advice upon request as required and in the scope of the customer’s activities
  • Questions about the internal control system and whether it meets requirements of statutory frameworks, international standards and government authorities, as well as current commercial, accounting and tax legislation
  • Internally produced reports, generated analysis, statements and other client-related material
  • Financial consulting and preparation of financial reports according to international accounting standards or applicable GAAP
  • Proper consideration of accounting, tax and reporting in selected accounting events and commercial transactions
  • Retraining of customer staff in selected tax and accounting issues

Discovery of fraud, misappropriation and other illegal internal situations or actions are where forensic auditing concentrates. PKF Slovensko’s experienced auditors and other expert staff can provide certified services in this special type of audit.

PKF Slovensko analyzes the extent of damage caused by embezzlement and asset misappropriation fraud, along with the following:

  • Determining lost or missing amounts
  • Proposing and putting in place fraud prevention procedures
  • Identifying and collecting essential information
  • Checking and analyzing all related documents
  • Drafting final reports presenting investigation results and more

Do you need help establishing and incorporating your company? 

PKF Slovensko works with law offices and is able to provide you with assistance and advice.

Major transactions are an integral part of doing business. PKF Slovensko can advise you and handle mergers and acquisitions and corporate transformations. Transaction consulting includes standard consulting and both corporate and personal tax advice

PKF Slovensko specializes in:

  • Business combinations, mergers, acquisitions and transformations
  • Structuring contractual relationships, acquisitions and transactions
  • Finance, tax and accounting due diligence engagements
  • Corporate liquidations and owner exits
  • Processing and administering mergers, consolidations, divestitures and spinoffs, capital contributions and the taxation, accounting and legal implications