For many years, PKF Slovensko has specialized in outsourced payroll services, handling all key payroll administration areas and using modern technology to manage payroll processes.

PKF Slovensko will take over your company’s responsibility for correct and timely compliance with legal requirements and overheads, as well as reducing the risk of leaks of sensitive information.

PKF specializes in:

  • Complete payroll processing
  • Funds transferred to your employees’ accounts and sensitive data protected in accordance with the GDPR
  • Consulting on payroll issues
  • Communicating with authorities and processing all legal documents
  • Specific, individual reports to meet your specifications
  • Annual tax statements for corporate employees

1. PKF Slovensko’s payroll services generally cover the following:

  • Processing of payroll and bonuses
  • Monthly processing of corporate employee payroll and bonuses
  • Internal documents produced to your specifications
  • Monthly reports for Social Insurance and the three health insurance companies authorized to provide health insurance in Slovakia and any other reports you may require
  • Orders to transfer salaries to the personal accounts of employees, withholdings paid to the tax authorities, premiums to insurance companies and any other payroll deductions to the proper authorities, as specified by you

2. Related services:

  • Old age and retirement insurance registrations
  • Employee salary slips
  • Employee registration and deregistration records kept by insurance companies (power of attorney required)
  • Processing of various statements including employee requests to confirm earned income and the calculated number of years of service when leaving a job
  • Statements on monthly withholdings from earned income and tax bonuses paid to the tax authorities in accordance with Slovak income tax law
  • Mandatory statistical reports
  • Annual tax statements on aggregate earned income, withholdings and tax credits
  • Annual personal income tax statements covering withholdings during the year, taxable salary and withholding of earned income for personal income taxes,
  • Confirmation of earned income and emoluments withheld for declaring the allocation of 2% of paid tax.

3. General monthly outputs:

  • Pay sheets, clearing records and recapitulation of salaries
  • Pay slips (sent in discreet envelopes or e-mailed electronically to each employee)
  • Health and social insurance reports
  • Transfer orders for paying withholdings to the tax authorities and premiums to insurance companies
  • Transfer orders to pay salaries to employees and employee withholdings.

PKF Slovensko can handle electronic transfer of employee salaries to their personal accounts, withholdings to the tax authorities and premiums to insurance companies, as well as other deductions such as garnishments and withholdings.  Conditions for providing these services are addressed individually with clients.

Rates for payroll services are set individually and always with your agreement, depending on the number of employees and the services you wish PKF Slovensko to provide.