About us

PKF Slovensko s.r.o. has operated in Slovakia since 1992 and, in addition to audit, has successfully provided tax and financial consulting; accounting, bookkeeping and payroll, preparation of separate and consolidated financial statements; expert services; course seminars training and publications. PKF Slovensko’s clients are both legal entities and individuals seeking assistance in these areas.
PKF Slovensko s.r.o. is a certified auditor, licensed since 1994 and listed as Number 40 by the Audit Oversight Authority.
As PKF Slovensko grew and became more specialized, and also because of legislative changes, it became necessary to establish subsidiaries, first PKF TAX, s.r.o. specializing in tax and certified by the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisers in 1995 as Number 45,

and later Znalecký ústav PKF, s.r.o., covering asset and corporate valuation services, issuance of expert’s reports and provision of consulting services. Since 2006 it has been a certified expert, interpreting and translating company in finance, economics and management and in the branch of corporate valuations and assessments.

PKF Slovensko s.r.o. is a Member Firm of PKF International Limited (PKFI) (www.pkf.com), an international audit, consulting and accounting network.
PKF International Limited is a network of 400 Member Firms in 150 countries around the world, auditing financial statements and providing tax, accounting and finance services as well as due diligence engagements in these fields, among other related services.

This is seen in the high level of quality and the scope of the services it provides.

Our team

Marian Fabian, MANAGING PARTNER - auditorská firma PKF Slovensko
Marian Fabian

+421 2 58 28 27 11


Marian Fabian is an experienced finance and business manager responsible as International Liaison Partner for PKF’s development in Slovakia and integration with international partners within PKF International.
He has broad experience as a CFO of a major multinational company and as a project manager (that included implementation of SAP). In his career, Marian was actively involved in investment fund transactions and managed portfolio companies for a fund. His international experience includes restructurings and active investment management, working actively in seven countries and instructing in finance in 20 countries on four continents. As an active coach, he was the founding president of the Slovakia chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Stefan Kardos, PARTNER - auditorská firma PKF Slovensko
Stefan Kardos

Stefan Kardos co-founded PKF Slovensko in 1992 and has since the company’s establishment been a partner. He became a certified auditor in 1995 and has worked for the Slovak Chamber of Auditors as an expert in International Standards on Auditing (ISA). He is currently serves on the Board of the Audit Oversight Authority (Úrad pre dohľad nad výkonom auditu), specializing in International Financial Reporting Standards. At PKF Slovensko he is a statutory and forensic auditor, as well as a court expert in accounting and a specialist in business valuations.

Dagmar Gombarcikova, PARTNER - auditorská firma PKF Slovensko
Dagmar Gombarcikova

Dagmar Gombarcikova joined PKF Slovensko in 1995 as a junior audit and accounting assistant after graduating from the University of Economics in Bratislava. She rose through the company in roles as senior assistant and audit manager before her certification in 2011 and stepping into the position of statutory auditor. From the very beginning, she has conducted especially corporate audits and provided accounting advice and other accounting-related services. In 2015 she was named a partner in PKF Slovensko. Her clients include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). She is currently a certified auditor and a member of the Slovak Chamber of Auditors.

Viera Fraňová is an experienced tax advisor who has more than 10 years of experience with taxes and accounting in medium-sized companies. She is a graduate of the University of Economics in Bratislava and in 2014 successfully completed her studies in law at the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava. Since 2008, she has been providing tax advice on the basis of a certificate issued by the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisers, specializing in personal and corporate income tax, VAT and local tax. It also performs administrative activities on the basis of Act no. 8/2005 Coll. about administrators - solving the issue of bankruptcy and liquidation.

Zoltan Szalay, tax adviser - auditorská firma PKF Slovensko
Zoltan Szalay
tax adviser

Zoltan Szalay is a tax adviser with more than 10 years of experience in the field working with a number of companies to resolve their tax issues. Zoltán was certified in 2013 and is a member of the Methodology and Legislation Committee of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisers.
He specializes especially in corporate tax and the issues facing legal entities operating in Slovakia, representing clients in audits and tax proceedings before local and national revenue authorities. He also handles business combinations and international taxation.
Clients appreciate his clam, prudent and professional approach and comprehensive services focused on troubleshooting and setting up proper procedures in compliance with Slovak legislation. Zoltán speaks English, German and Hungarian in addition to Slovak.

Martin Antos, tax adviser - auditorská firma PKF Slovensko
Martin Antos
tax adviser

Martin Antos is an experienced tax adviser that has been effectively utilizing his many years in business and practice as an accountant. This background enables helps him understands clients and their needs, tailoring operative procedures and labor methodology to them. He works closely with his clients so the flow of information is as smooth as it can be and they are able to reach their objectives and targets as effectively as possible.
Martin concentrates especially on personal and corporate income tax questions, application of valued added tax and business combinations. In addition to Slovak and Czech, he speaks English.

Jana Janovicova, AUDIT MANAGER - auditorská firma PKF Slovensko
Jana Janovicova

Jana Janovicova joined  PKF Slovensko in 2007 as a junior audit and accounting assistant and has been on statutory audit and review engagement teams from the start, including EU engagements working with Member Firms from PKF International. After a promotion to senior assistant, she is currently an audit manager. Her clients include SMEs operating in trade, services and light industry. Since 2015 Jana has been a certified auditor’s assistant in the Slovak Chamber of Auditors.

Martina Pipískova, SENIOR ACCOUNTING MANAGER, Wages - auditorská firma PKF Slovensko
Martina Pipískova

Martina Pipiskova started at PKF Slovensko in 1994 as the head of the accounting center, managing accounting and payroll outsourcing and providing financial consulting to clients. Subsequently she became an assistant auditor and since 2008 has been an audit manager. Her clients include SMEs and, in addition to her position as audit manager, continues to manage the outsourcing of accounting and payroll to PKF Slovensko.
Martina is a graduate of the Economics University in Bratislava, studying accounting and audit. In 2012, she was certified an auditor’s assistant by the Slovak Chamber of Auditors.

Olga Pitelkova, SENIOR ACCOUNTING MANAGER, Wages - auditorská firma PKF Slovensko
Olga Pitelkova

Olga Pitelkova joined PKF Slovensko in 1996 as a junior audit and accounting assistant and was later promoted to senior audit accounting assistant.
In 2002, she was transferred to accounting and payroll outsourcing and became manager of that department in 2008. She provides payroll consulting and advice and is actively involved in payroll administration and accounting engagements for clients.
She is a graduate of the Economics University in Bratislava.