PKF Slovensko’s tax advisers provide services through PKF TAX, specializing in tax advice and other tax related matters and licensed in 1995 (No. 4/95) by the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisers. They are certified tax experts with many years of experience in taxation and are authorized by the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisers.

PKF Slovensko provides the following tax services:

  • Consulting and advice on tax issues
  • Preparing of tax returns
  • Representing clients at tax audits


PKF Slovensko provides the following tax consulting services:

  • Corporate and personal tax consulting
  • Communicating changes in tax legislation and their impact on tax issues
  • Operative consulting provided over the phone, by fax, e-mail or other electronic method
  • In person consulting and analysis
  • Providing you during a tax audit with information about whether the tax you have paid is consistent with your legal tax liability, with the aim of preventing or avoiding major tax and accounting problems
  • Preparing written opinions on selected tax issues
  • Optimizing tax and structuring your organization so tax is minimized
  • Developing solutions and procedures for both companies established in Slovakia and international companies to optimize tax and providing tax assistance and optimization to Slovak nationals and other citizens temporarily or permanently residing in Slovakia
  • Tax advice related to mergers and acquisitions, spinoffs, divestitures and liquidations

PKF Slovensko prepares the following tax returns:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Value added tax
  • Motor vehicle tax
  • Property tax

We offer to our clients:

  • Provides tax consultation and will represent you during audits and before tax authorities
  • Produces and collects underlying documents for all types of appeals and at all appellate levels
  • Drafts proposals, filings and applications

PKF Slovensko also can prepare transfer pricing documentation in compliance with tax legislation and with the scope and risk of controlled transactions.

  • Brief transfer pricing documentation
  • Full transfer pricing documentation
  • Transfer pricing consultation